Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Graham's Notes . . .

Graham played at his Spring Recital this evening. The performance was GREAT, as always, and we are so proud of him! He played 'The Toy Town' by Bowman & N. Faber. This was his longest recital piece so far (three pages) and he had to turn the page during the performance. We thought ahead and photocopied the page--only to have it blow off the stand during this performance! He proceeded, unruffled, and we are so proud of him. After the recital he received several compliments on his composure and focus during the sheet music incident!
Way to go, GRAHAM! We are so proud of you, and cannot wait to see how these precious fingers will glorify God in the days to come!

Put me in Coach!

Graham's baseball coach scheduled a kids vs. parents game for this past Sunday--apparently that is his tradition every year. What a FUN idea! Anna Beth could not wait to play baseball--she has never played before. She put on the most athletic clothing she owns (A Nike set off the clearance rack!)and grabbed Graham's bat, helmet and old glove. Ethan was even excited about playing with the little kids. I was excited about taking pictures, lol, but somehow got roped into hitting off the tee and then getting tagged out by Ethan at 1st base, lol! I even included a few photos in the slideshow for the ultimate embarrassment. Anything for my boys--they got a kick out of mom hitting off the tee! Anyhow, everyone had a blast; I think Graham really enjoyed seeing his whole family 'in the game'. Ethan got to show-off a little bit with the little kids. As for Anna Beth . . . she has now decided that she WILL be playing baseball with all the boys in the yard, even if she is the only girl playing. I have a feeling we may be seeing her on the field soon! And as for me? Well, I'll be sticking with photography! Enjoy the picts . . .


Last Friday, Ethan went on his Fourth Grade FOCUS field trip to the Gwinnett County courthouse. It was an incredible experience for students and parents alike! You see, the students have been preparing for a mock trial to be held in the courtroom and precided over by Judge Laura Tate. Every student had their role, and they even brought their own jury of students from the regular classrooms. Judge Tate was incredibly gracious and spent 45 minutes or so answering questions from the students and parents. However, once the case started, she was ALL business! The suspect, Gold Elizabeth Locks (aka "Goldie"), was on trial for breaking and entering. Ethan was Officer Justin Time who arrived on the scene immediately following the crime. He was called to the stand to testify, along with Goldie Locks' siblings, parents, and of course, the Bear family. Both the prosecution and the defense argued their cases well (we even had some objections!). In the end, the jury found Goldie GUILTY and she was sentenced to 20 years! It was a blast and Ethan enjoyed the experience!