Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shootin' Hoops!

Basketball season is in full swing and the boys are loving it! Ethan has played several seasons but this is Graham's very first season. After his first game he was upset and pouting--I thought maybe he was disappointed with himself? No . . . he was mad because the game was over and he wanted to play some more! Graham is definitely a little more timid, however he is doing well and putting forth a lot of effort. Ethan has become a lot more aggressive, lol, and his shots are a little better too. We are so proud of both of them! Here are a few pictures from their first day of games . . . they aren't great due to the fluorescent lighting, but I did my best!

Our Sweet Bailey

Bailey is our sweet black labrador. She is now almost fifteen years old and will probably not be here much longer. She has gone from 75 pounds to 41 pounds in the last year and her kidneys are beginning to fail. Our family is struggling with this news, as she has been a part of our family for a long time. Kip and I got her a few months after we were married . . . she was only 3 months old! Anna Beth prays every night for Bailey not to die and poor Ethan can't even think about it without losing all composure. Bailey is now an outdoor dog; however, with the cold snap we've been bringing her in for just a bit to rest by the fire in the evenings. She loves it, and the kids love it even more . . . I thought I would post a few of the sweet pictures and a video from one of her visits with us.

Snuggling by the fire

Doggy kisses!

Bailey trying to do her trick!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our first annual Cleft MotorFest

The Hollidays stopped by this afternoon with their three new motorbikes; add that to our two gocarts and the Warbington's three-wheeler and it was quite a rowdy afternoon! Kip and the boys have turned the lot across the street into a race track (sorry Christa & Barry!); I even made a few rounds in the gocart myself--not sure I'll be doing that again any time soon, I still feel my bones vibrating, lol! Anna Beth finally got a ride with her daddy too, so that was an extra special treat.

Kip and Russell watching the kids

Me, driving a gocart

Kip with Anna Beth, very 'windblown' after her ride!

Merry Christmas!

We enjoyed a beautiful first Christmas here at The Cleft. Kip was like a little kid. . . up and ready at 6 AM, looking out the window nervously and making thumping noises so the kids would get up! He was SO EXCITED about the gocarts he had been working on for the boys--he knew they wanted them so badly, but that it just wasn't going to be a reality this year. Little did they know . . . !

Of course, Kip had a plan for the reveal. He wrapped the boys motor helmets; when they opened them, they thought they were 'cool', but you could tell they were a little puzzled about what they went with. Kip told them there was a little more to their gift and to come outside. He had parked my expedition in front of the gocarts on the other side of the garage. He made the boys stand on the garage steps and yell 'Busdriver, Move That Bus', in the tradition of our favorite family show 'Extreme Home Makeover'. Kip backed out the truck to reveal the gift--It was hilarious and the boys were so excited . . . surprised, but very excited.

Anna Beth's pride and joy was (and still is) her new American Girl doll 'Isabelle'. Her first doll 'Annabelle' finally has a sister, lol, and they all dressed exactly alike for Christmas day! She also loves her new hot pink Ipod shuffle from her daddy . . . she has been singing and dancing to tea party and princess songs all week!

Here are some of the highlights--For some ODD reason is placing all of my pictures horizonally . . . so just turn your head on the vertical ones, lol, for the full effect!
Christmas Blessings to All!