Sunday, March 8, 2009

Georgia Snow!

We got some snow in Georgia and it was an exciting weekend for all! The snow began falling around lunch on Sunday (March 1st) and continued throughout the day--about three inchess fell and it was BEAUTIFUL! The kids went out to play for a bit, but we spent most of the day by the fire, watching a movie and playing games. Then the kids were out of school for the snow on Monday--lots of time was spent outdoors, sledding and exploring. How FUN!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our Mad Scientists!

The boys both entered a science project in the Mulberry Science Fair this year. No, they are not super interested in science but it was 'highly suggested' that the gifted students participate . . . and so they did with a little prodding. Ethan won a 2nd place prize for his 'Red Cabbage Chemistry' project and Graham won a 3rd place prize for exploring 'Which Veggies are the Most Nutritious'. All in all it was a fun project for each!

In Memory of Sweet Bailey

Our precious Bailey girl left us on February 19th. She would have been 15 years old on May 21st . . . an amazing lifespan for a labrador! We like to think she hung around because she loved us and she was happy. One thing is for certain--we loved that precious dog! She has been a part of our lives since Kip and I were first married. She has been here with us through it all . . . the newlywed days, four different moves, the first baby and then two more, etc. and etc. We almost lost her a year ago; the boys were devastated and prayed that she would make it to the new house with us. Our prayers were answered and she enjoyed almost a year here with us . . . swimming in the lake, enjoying the wildlife and outdoors, barking at the geese! What a precious gift that time was for all of us . . . Thank you, Lord, for the time we had with her!

Anna Beth is on 'The Star Team'

We have a soccer player! Anna Beth is THRILLED to be playing her first team sport. These pictures were taken the evening we picked up her uniform--she couldn't wait to try it on. Then I caught her practicing her ballet moves--in full uniform/cleats! We were all very impressed it could be done in cleats, lol!

She has been to several soccer practices since then and absolutely *LOVES* it. She is the tallest girl and all the other girls think she knows what she is doing because she is 'bigger'. HA--it is hilarious! Will have more picts after her first game on Saturday! By the way, the girls named themselves 'The Star Team'!